Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Shower

                Pink tank top, black belt, black fedora, pink flowered skirt (recreated by me), black purse

                                                               Plaid zipper converse

My mom is 8 months pregnant, leaving me to be a big sister for the 3rd time :) Her coworkers threw her a little get together baby shower with the other 3 pregnant women she works with. She is having a boy and I am in the midst of helping plan a more special baby shower for her. Wish me luck :)

All Tied Up

                             Tied back halter top (handmade by me), cutoff jean shorts (also by me).
                               Perfect outfit for a hot day, trip to the beach, the park, or just a walk.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Brown Lace-up High Heeled Boots

                                                Flowered Magenta flowing top, white shorts
                                            Brown Lace up High heel boots, White legwarmers

                                         Pink Feather earrings, hair in Princess Lea style side buns

Pink and White

                                                                  White flip flops
                                                     White t-shirt, Pink Ruffled Flower skirt
                   Pink circle scarf (handmade by me), Pink feather earrings, Pencil back-to-school nails

Magenta and Polka Dots

                                            Magenta Polka dotted dress, black tied cover up
                                                  Black and white polka dotted bow sandals
I twisted my hair into a spiral, save for a small braided section that i wrapped around the spiral. I added some flowers for a fresh look.

Neon Rainbow

                                                                      Black t-shirt
                                           Rainbow shorts, neon green legwarmers, gray boots
I wore this outfit on my first day of freshman year. I wanted to start off the year with color, hoping the rest of the year would follow suit. :)

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

This is one of my favorite quotes, by the one and only Dr. Seuss. It rings true and always will for me.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


                                                                Blue / Gray Netted Shirt
                                                             Black Sneaker Wedges
                                  Metallic Snakeskin Zipper Jeans, Blue / Yellow Netted gloves
                                                                Metallic Hair Flower

I always get lots of compliments on these jeans, and I saw these gloves at Claire's and just had to have them!  The netting on them made me think of the shirt, and I thought the neon colors would be great with the metallic of the jeans. :) I just added the flower and voila, this outfit was born! ;)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Craazyy Outfit

                                        3 Shirts, Black belt, 4 skirts, Arm warmers (mismatched)
                                                7 different socks, 1 black flat, 1 pink sneaker
    Pink scarf, Purple fedora, Duct tape flower ring (handmade by me), soda tab earrings (handmade by me)

Casual- Teal Pants + Wings Shirt

                                                                Flowey shirt w/ wings
                                           Checkered duct tape flower ring (handmade by me)
                                                               Open crisscross back
                                                              Teal pants, Gray flats

Rainbows and Peace

                                              Jean skirt, Rainbow socks, Black maryjanes
                                              Black shirt, Rainbow peace sign necklace

Dressy Marching Band Outfit

                                               White t-shirt, Black cutoffs, Pink sparkly belt
                                                         Piano socks, Pink sneakers

Brown Boots, Blue Shorts

                          Brown Aeropostale scoop neck shirt, Blue shorts, Thin brown braided belt
                                                       Brown boots, White legwarmers

Casual- Ripped zipper jeans + orange tank

                      Homemade ripped jeans w/ side zippers, Brown braided belt, White flip flops
                                                                 Orange muscle shirt